1. Composer/accordionist Ted Reichman is an integral part of the New York musical community, whether he's leading the Ted Reichman Emigré Band or playing as sideman in John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet. For My Ears Are Bent, Reichman takes the accordion right out .
  2. Artist: Ted Reichman Title Of Album: My Ears Are Bent Year Of Release: Label(Catalog#): Skirl RecordsSkirl CD Country:USA Genre: Jazz Rock, Contemporary Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks.
  3. Ted Reichman - DX7, organ, electric guitar, percussion Andy Fordyce - drums, percussion Warren Senders - voice Derek Beckvold - tabla thanks to: Wayne Horvitz, Brian Eno, Will Greene, Jonathan Nankoff, Anthony Burr, and the guy who sold me his DX7 at his garage sale last fall.
  4. Instrumental rock music by Ted Reichman, playing everything except accordion with longtime collaborator John Hollenbeck and guitarist Mary Halvorson. “My Ears Are Bent” combines blues piano, hip-hop, dub, free jazz, and no wave to create a new hybrid, heavily influenced by the people, places, and sounds of New York City.
  5. Jul 25,  · I know nothing of babies, have never changed a diaper, cannot imagine one sleeping in my house at night. But Ted has two babies, twins named Pin and Fin, little devils that don’t sleep at night. I picture Ted’s living room, populated by small armies of dinosaurs, broken whole wheat cookies, a carpet emitting the faintest odor of sour milk.
  6. 3 I Know Nothing About It 7 My Ears Are Bent Ted Reichman - piano, electronics, guitar, bass, percussion, pump organ Mary Halvorson - electric guitar John Hollenbeck - drums There is almost no accordion on My Ears Are Bent. Can you find the accordion? My Ears Are Bent is a New York record in the sense that it was partially.
  7. Jul 11,  · Ted Reichman - I Know Nothing About It from My Ears Are Bent Skirl Records released April Ted Reichman - piano John Hollenbeck - drums Mary Halvorso.
  8. Listen to the biggest hits from Ted Reichman, including It Is Almost Sacred, Every Man to His Own Taste, My Ears Are Bent, and more on Slacker Radio.
  9. Every Man to His Own Taste (Reichman) - Peace Father (Reichman) - I Know Nothing About It (Reichman) - Nun (Reichman) - It Is Almost Sacred (Reichman) - Come to Jesus (Reichman) - My Ears Are Bent (Reichman) - personnel: Ted Reichman - piano, electronics, guitar, bass, percussion Author: Ted Reichman.

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